Nevada's premier Reinke Irrigation Dealer

We also sell Senninger and K-Line products, build custom pump panels, and design/install electric services for pump motors. We stock VFDs, soft starts, pipe, and parts for most irrigation system brands. We can repair Zimmatic, Valley, Pierce and any other brand of pivot.

Need a new pivot? We often take delivery within a week of your order. We can assemble your pivot and connect it to power and water in a matter of days.

If your needs are less basic, there is really nothing in the field of irrigation or electricity that we can't do. From trenching plastic mainline pipe to fine-tuning remote monitoring and control systems, we get it done on time and within your budget.

Bottom line: we can design, install, and maintain an irrigation system to fit your need, no matter how custom. That's why we're Custom Irrigation.

We stock a huge array of repair parts, and our trucks are ready to roll 24x7 to keep you growing.