We service and maintain any and all brands of pivots. We recommend, sell, and install pivots from Reinke Corporation.

Richard F. Reinke, founder of Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc., was a pioneer in the irrigation industry. Many of his innovations he conceived have become standards for the industry throughout the world.

Availability varies, but we often take delivery within a week of placing your order. Assembly takes 4-5 days.

Reinke offers three types of pivots:

  • The Electrogator II
    The Electrogator II is built from higher-grade steel than competing products, for more strength and less soil-compacting weight. Triangular single-leg towers improve flotation while transferring less stress to the water pipe, compared to traditional double-leg designs. Centered, internal flex-joint pipe connectors reduce stress on uneven or sloping terrain, while affecting flow rates only minimally. Additional marks of quality include welded rather than flow-drilled sprinkler outlets, double-walled tower boxes, internal v-ring seals, 57- or 40-inch outlet spacing, and four height options from five to 20 feet.

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  • The Alumigator
    Ideal for sod farms and available in Marine-grade aluminum for corrosive environments, the Alumigator aims to eliminate wheel tracks by weighing only 10 percent as much as some steel systems. Its ultra-wide 16-foot galvanized steel towers are the industry's widest.

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  • The Minigator
    For smaller wells or irregularly shaped areas between bigger circles, the Minigator offers a proven design featuring 4-1/2-inch pipe, a three-leg pivot center, and truck/tractor tow options.

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