We specialize in custom pump panels that fit your application perfectly, while saving money compared to off-the-shelf products. We also sell Reinke Irrigation panels, and can troubleshoot and fix any/all panel brands.

We can design and build custom panels to support pump motors from 1-400 horse power. We can design any type of circuit for your application. Our panels support manual or automatic operation, and include important features others skimp on, such as:

  • Motor Savers
  • Auto Restart Timers
  • Pivot Control Relays

Additionally, our panels use control breakers, instead of fuses, to help you recover from errors without additional cost and delays.

Additionally, we stock and support a wide range of off-the-shelf panels from Reinke Irrigation. Whether you're after the simple reliability of a non-computerized panel, basic touch-screen programmability, or a fully computerized control interface, Reinke has an off-the-shelf panel for you.

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