We recommend, sell, and support AgSense Remote Irrigation Management Systems. Regardless of what pivot brand or brands you use, these ingenious devices save you time and vehicle maintainence, by letting you remotely monitor and control your pivots via the WagNet web interface.

The Field Commander units connect to the last tower box at the end of the pivot. It locates itself via GPS, and connects to the Internet via cellular phone networks. That means there's no need to install WiFi or any other additional networking equipment.

There are two models. Field Commander "Lite" was designed for those who mostly just want to monitor their pivots. It can also be configured to send alerts and alarms via SMS text messages or email. Other than “Stop”, there is no control functionality, however. Also, the Lite model is more compatible with a variety of panels.

The full Field Commander product adds a wealth of control options to start, reverse, schedule and so forth. Most of our customers choose that option.

You're able to control pivots and pumps with smartphone. Set it up so you can ocntrol stop/start, forward/reversse, and slow your pivot down. There are also some options to control the pump.

Pivot has to be a new digital control type panel. Otherwise, you need to add hardware. For each Valley pivot you buy, you'll get a FieldCommander for free.