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Master Electrical Contractor Randle Durant founded Custom Irrigation in February, 2013.Prior to that, he owned and operated Custom Electronics in Northern Nevada and in Wyoming. Durant completed three years of study at Arizona State, prior to founding Custom Electronics. Durant taught himself the diverse skillset needed to work on agricultural electrical panels and VFDs. He constantly explores new technologies for possible agricultural applications.

In 2019, Durant retired and sold the business to Team Silverado Enterprise, a well-established industrial service provider serving Northern Nevada.

More About Us

We are a domestic limited liability company licensed in Nevada (Lic. #NV20131121942). We operate under Electrical Contractor Lic. #0074387 and Irrigation Contractor Lic. #0076545.


Core Values

At Custom Irrigation, we believe that when you create core fundamentals to conduct business by, the result is an increased profitability which results in a better working environment for all.


An essential characteristic for any great company to have is quality. Our main priority is to have this attribute with every service we provide.


We are subject to strict codes of conduct endhrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations in every aspect of our services. Our standards of education and training are above and beyond what is expected.



It is the objective of Custom Irrigation that all projects undertaken are completed in accordance with the client's schedule, specifications, and most importantly, in an efficient manner.


Safety is a main priority at Custom Irrigation. It is the intent of our company to provide a safe and stable working environment for all employees.


It is our goal to maintain excellence and consistent work performance on every service we provide. We strive to achieve this by recruiting and keeping experienced and competent employees.


Custom Irrigation, Your Local Reinke Irrigation Pivot Distributor

Reinke Irrigation is a worldwide leader in precision irrigation. In business for over 65 years, Reinke has innovated in countless ways that have become standard across the industry.

Key Reinke innovations include the use of stronger, lighter grades of steel, interchangeable pipe and truss units, O-ring gaskets between pipes (a Reinke exclusive), two-wheel drive power towers, and a reversible electric center pivot system supporting lengths of 100 feet and more.

Today, Reinke distinguishes itself by offering pivots in a greater variety of sizes, materials, and power options, along with more sophisticated panel technologies than the competition.

As a licensed Reinke Corporation dealer, we are ALWAYS available for you and your operation. Click below to visit the REINKE IRRIGATION website.

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